types of life coaches

50+ Life Coach Niches; The Ultimate list

life coaching niches

Here is the most comprehensive list of life coach niches available. No matter what your skills or passion, there is room for you. Your background, life experience and dreams have equipped you to excel in some unique niche of coaching.

Not sure which life coaching specialty might be the best fit for you? Download this free self assessment. Formatted like a real coaching session, this workbook will help you identify how your life has uniquely equipped you to change lives in your own successful life coaching business

life coach niches

Who is your ideal client? Which niche are they in? You probably won’t get it exactly right the first time. very few people do. With time and experience you will develop an in-depth coaching business plan and refine your niche.

Meanwhile, here is the complete list of life coach niches to you get started so you can find the best coaching program for your goals.

accountability coach
ADHD coach
breakthrough coach
budget coach
business coach
business plan coach
career coach
certified marriage coach
certified soul coach
Christian life coach
clarity coach
cognitive behavioral coaching
consulting coaching
creative coach
culture coach
dating coach
divorce coach
entrepreneur coach
executive career coach
female empowerment coach
financial wealth coach
group coaching
happiness coach
health coach
holistic life coach
intuitive life coach
law of attraction coach
leadership coach
Lgbtq+ coach
life coach
life coach for millennials
life coach for women

life coach for men
life coach motivational speaker
life consultant
lifestyle coach
meditation coach
mental health coach
mindfulness coach
one on one coaching
parenting coach
personal development coach
personal growth coach
productivity coach
self care coach
self coaching
small business coach
social skills coach
speech coach
spiritual development coach
spiritual mentor
spiritual relationship coach
Storybrand guide
transformation coach
virtual life coach
wealth coach
wellness coach

Ready to get started? Click here for a free step by step guide to designing your path to a life coaching career.

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