A satisfying life starts with:
*Developing a better understanding of self and others through life coaching skills and practices
*Designing a life aligned with your strengths and values

You’re here because there is something inside that says
“Look into Life Coaching”

That something is a heart that wants you to have a purposeful and fulfilling life while inspiring others to their highest potential.

Is life coaching the right path for you?

It is for me. See if this sound familiar:

I raised two kids and homeschooled them both all the way through high school. As the home educating years were winding down I realized I needed to find me; to find a way to move out of being the person who existed just to help everyone else succeed and move into living as the real me, with intention and purpose.

I wanted to honor my self and my gifts, learn to set new boundaries, move past old hurts and grudges to become the bold, courageous, fearless person I knew I could be.

It has taken time, many many set backs and obstacles, even a time of extreme trauma for me to figure out who I am and find the courage to be that me. Your journey won’t be like mine. I pray you do not have to travel the same road I did because I wouldn’t wish it on the worst, most evil person in the world. But in the end, I can call myself “fireproof.” Like the phoenix, I’ve been through the destruction and emerged singed, but not destroyed, battered but not beaten. God allowed what was not my real identity to be burned off, so what was left is real, authentic, and free from the old toxic frame of mind.

Being drawn toward life coaching and working through the process of learning how people grow and change has been a big part of my journey toward knowing myself. It can be the same for you. You probably don’t have any idea what a life coaching career might have in store, you might know exactly what you want and where you want to go. Either way, the resources and information on this website are here to help you explore the possibilities of becoming a life coach and design the intentional life your heart is leading you toward. I’m here to join you on the way!