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The Coaches Console.

This is my favorite solution to all things technical. Coaches Console provides the business solutions specific to a life coaching business. It’s a small business, owned by two experienced coaches, Kate and Melinda. I tend to favor these kinds of small niche businesses because the owners do it for a love of the people they serve and it shows in the quality of their products and services.

Often when you reach out for help, you will get an answer directly from one of the owners because they are invested in being genuinely supportive of your success as a coach.

Using Coaches Console means you don’t even have to bother learning how to set up your own website. They have website hosting and design all done for you. It’s a one stop shop that includes:

• Your website
• Marketing and client communication via email autoresponder
• Client session scheduling software
• Billing and form management
• Delivery of welcome packets, assessments, worksheets, agreement forms, session notes and more!
• Each client has their own access portal where you can put messages, billing, forms and digital products that are specific to that client.

If you have ever tried to pull all those pieces together yourself from various website plugins and integrations, you know it is a nightmare of glitches, conflicts, updates, and steep learning curves!

One of my favorite functions is the email autoresponder. If you’re not familiar, an autoreponder is what businesses use to send out bulk emails to their clients. If you’ve ever signed up for a free download or newsletter or other freebie from a website, you entered your name and email into an “opt-in” box which sent your information to the autoreponders, which automatically responded to you with the information promised. Then your email is maintained on a database.

Depending on the integrity of the business, you got future emails that either gave you valuable useful information or tons of sales messages.

Setting up an email responder and then trying to make it work properly as well as figuring out what to write in all the email messages is a whole skill set in itself. Most coaches don’t get into business to market via email, but it’s a valuable way to stay in contact with current and potential clients. It’s a necessary evil, so to speak. Coaches Console makes it just a bit easier.
They have fabulous tech support and tons of video tutorials as well.

For $147 a month you get:

• Contact List
• Online Calendar
• Public Website Module
• Private Client Website Module
• Marketing & Communication Module
• Autoresponders Module
• Invoicing & Client Agreement Module
• Client Data Module
• Reporting Module

For an additional $100 /mo, you also get

• Shopping Cart Module
• Products & Sales Report
• Course & Content Delivery Module
• Enrollment Report
• Participant Activity Tracking
• Unlimited Products & Courses
As an additional bonus:
A pre-made brandable course to offer as a freebie or to sell

There is a 15% discount if you prepay for an entire year.

If it sounds pricey, consider this – with Coaches Console you do not need a separate website, shopping cart software, autoresponder, scheduling software, paid technical support, membership subscription software for digital courses or ssl (secure sockets layer) for payment security. You also don’t need the technical expertise to set that all up!

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