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Types of Life Coaches: Surprising Opportunities in the New Year

The field of life coaching is growing exponentially as more and more major companies are reporting the value and return on investment they are experiencing. Interest and acceptance of coaching as a must-have component for career and life success is creating tremendous opportunities. Let’s look at the various types of life coaches. There is sure to be one that fits you!

life coach niches

In fact, the idea of being a generic “life coach” who “helps people change their life” is probably not going to get you very far. if you are completely stuck for direction, download this free self-assessment to help you evaluate what makes you special. You may not stick with the first niche you identify, but that’s perfectly normal! Any business, and especially one rooted in who you are, is going to go through growth and change. The secret is to step out boldly in what you know today and start moving forward

Getting into the life coaching field is an ideal opportunity to reach the people you are most passionate about helping. The best predictor of success today as a coach is to specialize in a highly specific niche. Here are just a few:

Life Coaching Niches

  • breakthrough coach
  • parenting coach
  • executive career coach
  • personal development coach
  • lbgtq+ coach
  • entrepreneur coach
  • spiritual life coach
  • relationship coach
  • life coach for women
  • group coaching
  • ADHD coach
  • small business coach
  • business coach
  • wellness coach
  • mental health coach
  • Christian life coach
  • intuitive life coach
  • transformation coach
  • accountability coach
  • mindfulness coach
  • leadership coach

Those are just a few examples, the possibilities are endless.

Questions to Clarify Your Life Coaching Niche

As you consider your interests and passion for people, here are a few questions to clarify if your ideal niche is a good one:

1 – Do you know your specific audience well? Can you relate to their needs, lifestyle and goals?

2 – Is coaching really the right solution or is therapy more appropriate?

2- Are they growth orientated or do they tend to stay stuck?

3 – Do you know where to find them? How will you connect?

4 – Can they afford to pay for life coaching?

5 – Are they aware of life coaching and believe it is beneficial?

6- Who is your competition? If there is none, it may be because there is no money to be made in that niche. If it is too competitive you may have a hard time getting started.

It’s your time. Find the life coach training program that’s right for you.

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