Coaching Questions

Coaching Questions ; book review

You will use this one over and over and over!

The Six Main Sections

  • Getting Started
  • The Coaching Process
  • Life Coaching and Destiny Discovery
  • Life Coaching: A Better Life Today
  • Advanced Asking Skills
  • Coaching Niches

This book is more than just a list of questions to ask. It gives you process to walk the client through and tells you the why behind the process.

It’s not a big book and I think it could be expanded to cover a lot more topics, but as a tool for a beginning coach it is an invaluable resource.

Questions are organized based on topics. For example, if you’re on the phone with a client who needs to make a tough decision, you can pull out this book to the specific page on Decision Making. Based on what you know about your client and their needs, you can find a series of questions to ask.

There are even tips to make you a better coach along the way. In the Decision Making section, the author notes “One very effective coaching technique is to walk the individual through several different viewpoints as they approach the decision” Then the book gives you more questions to help frame the decision from different perspectives.

More than just topical questions, this book also includes several assessments and instructions on how to use them. There are assessments like the Wheel of Life, finding your ideal life, identifying values and finding your destiny.

As an added bonus the last section delves into questions that would be specific to certain niches. You’ll find common questions to ask business coaching clients, career coaching questions, how to coach writers, questions to ask transformation coaching clients and more.

Here’s my little secret – I usually have this book open next to me when coaching by phone. I have to admit, it’s a bit of a security blanket. I don’t use the questions word for word, but opening to the topic my client is working on and reading the questions gives a boost of confidence. It usually ends up sparking ideas for the perfect question.

Coaching Questions is a valuable tool for your day to day coaching practice. You can get this one on kindle and save some money as well as have it with you all the time.

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